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A Better Oil Change

Mobile Oil Change

Erik Schmidt Pitstop Testimonial
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Services start at $59







"My oil change experience was better than anticipated..."

"We are sold on this..."

"It's a time savings for our busy family!"

Chris (@chris_wiser_chavo)

Instead of having to spend an afternoon in a waiting room, Eric and Oleo slid to my door and got 'er done while I was inside doing what I do best.

Eric, from the bottom of my heart and Ivan the Impala's engine, thank you.

Cristina (@crisgw)

As a busy working mom to three boys playing three different sports at all times, I always dread getting my oil changed -- which usually means I procrastinate. Eric arrived at our home on Sunday morning and within the hour we were all finished (and still in our PJs).

We are sold on this -- it's a time savings for our busy family! We couldn't believe how quick, easy, and affordable it was. 

Georgia (@georgiipeach)

All you have to do when they arrive is hand over the key.


Eric walked me through the entire process, and also provided complimentary detailing & cleaning inside and outside my car.

If I'm being honest, my oil change experience was better than I anticipated. 

This is Eric, founder and CEO of Pitstop.


We've saved Columbus residents over 30,000 minutes that they would have otherwise spent in a waiting room.


Our mission is to save you time to do more of what you love. We hope you join us!


Tel: (303) 261 - 6984


Columbus, Ohio

Mobile Oil Change

Mobile Routine Maintenance for Fleets

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