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This has got to cost a lot... 

The mobile nature of Oleo eliminates the high overhead costs of other maintenance providers. As a result, we are able to maintain highly competitive prices, give you back your Saturday afternoon, and compensate our employees generously -- all at the same time!

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Always check the manufactuer recommended mileage. Most vehicles should have their oil changed every 5,000 - 10,000 miles. 

But the Guy at Jiffy Lube/Valvoline Said Every 3,000 Miles!

Getting your oil changed routinely is the number one thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. The more you do it, the better it is for your vehicle, but will the engine seize up if you go a few miles over? No. 

What Kind of Oil Should I Put In My Vehicle?

Again check the manufacturer recommendations. An SEO recommendation from your manufacteure means synthetic only -- you can use whatever oil you want, but you may void your warranty if you elect to use non-recommended oil.

This Is Awesome! How Can I Work With Oleo?

E-mail to set up an interview!

How Do You Dispose of the Oil?

We believe in leaving as small a negative impact on the environment as possible. All of our used oil is brought to a local recycling facility where they dispose of it responsibly. 

Do You Do Anything Other Than Oil Changes?

We believe in sticking to what we know and doing an outstanding job at it -- which is just oil changes at this time. That being said, We are planning on expanding our expertise to include air filter replacement, car detailing, car washing, coolant top off, washer fluid, and many other services. We'll let you know when these services become available!

What Cities Do You Operate In?

We currently operate in Columbus, Ohio and Northern Virginia -- but we are planning to expand soon!

Are There Any Vehicles You Can't Do?

There are some luxury vehicles that we cannot service due to issues regarding accessing the drain plug and/or oil filter. Make sure you input the correct vehicle specifications and we will let you know asap if your vehicle cannot properly be serviced.

Do You Have An App?

Our app is in development right now, we hope to have it released Summer 2017!

Mobile Oil Change

Mobile Routine Maintenance for Fleets

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