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Mobile Oil Change

Thank you for your interest in Pitstop! 

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Check out our FAQ below to have all your questions answered!

"It's a time savings for our busy family!"

How much does this service cost?

Services range from $59 - $99 depending on what you're looking for

How do I know which service is right for me?

Our Basic Service is for those just looking for an oil change

Our Plus Service is for those who want an oil change and the utility basics taken care of

Our Lux Service is for those who want it all, utility, cleaning, vacuum, etc. 

How Often Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Always check the manufacturer recommended mileage. Most vehicles should have their oil changed every 5,000 - 10,000 miles. 

But the Guy at Jiffy Lube/Valvoline Said Every 3,000 Miles!

Getting your oil changed routinely is the number one thing you can do to extend the life of your vehicle. With full Synthetic Oil you are probably going to be safe in the 5,000 mile range. 

What Kind of Oil do you use?

We use the correct weight oil recommended by your manufacturer. Almost all cars today require full synthetic, so we use exclusively full synthetic oil. 

This Is Awesome! How Can I Work With Oleo?

E-mail to set up an interview! We're always looking for talented individuals who want to make a difference.

How Do You Dispose of the Oil?

We believe in leaving as small a negative impact on the environment as possible. All of our used oil is brought to a local recycling facility where they dispose of it responsibly. 

Do You Do Anything Other Than Oil Changes?

We believe in sticking to what we know and doing an outstanding job at it -- which is just oil changes at this time. That being said, We are planning on expanding our expertise to include air filter replacement, car detailing, car washing, coolant top off, tire rotations, and many other services. We'll let you know when these services become available!

What Cities Do You Operate In?

We currently operate in Columbus, Ohio but we have plans to expand soon!

Are There Any Vehicles You Can't Do?

There are some luxury vehicles that we cannot service due to issues regarding accessing the drain plug and/or oil filter. Make sure you input the correct vehicle specifications and we will let you know asap if your vehicle cannot properly be serviced. These vehicles may require an additional cost depending on what kind of oil and filter they require. 

Do You Have An App?

Our app is being worked on right now, but for now we have a mobile optimized website that has worked well. ​

What people say:

Chris (@chris_wiser_chavo)

Instead of having to spend an afternoon in a waiting room, Eric and Pitstop slid to my door and got 'er done while I was inside doing what I do best.

Eric, from the bottom of my heart and Ivan the Impala's engine, thank you.

Cristina (@crisgw)

As a busy working mom to three boys playing three different sports at all times, I always dread getting my oil changed -- which usually means I procrastinate. Eric arrived at our home on Sunday morning and within the hour we were all finished (and still in our PJs).

We are sold on this -- it's a time savings for our busy family! We couldn't believe how quick, easy, and affordable it was. 

Georgia (@georgiipeach)

All you have to do when they arrive is hand over the key.


Eric walked me through the entire process, and also provided complimentary detailing & cleaning inside and outside my car.

If I'm being honest, my oil change experience was better than I anticipated. 


Tel: (303) 261 - 6984


Columbus, Ohio

Mobile Oil Change

Mobile Routine Maintenance for Fleets

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